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0 Comments/Pings My WordPress Themes 2010.02.20

Minimalismo 1.x

A stylish minimalism quality theme. Included with a theme options page (social buttons). Main goal was to ‘unclutter’ blogging as much as possible.

Download: Minimalismo 1.1 (2522)

You like/love it? Please make a donation (small ones are liked as well!) or leave a comment!

Current status (2010-02-20): just uploaded to WordPress & ready for us

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Improve the “Older” and “Newer Posts” Links

0 Comments/Pings My Reference, Understanding 2010.02.13

Older Posts & Newer PostsThis makes much more sense!

I have discovered that you can easily improve the navigation links “Older Posts” and “Newer Posts” by giving them an arrow which is not pointing to the left or the right, but to the bottom for older or more posts and to the top for newer posts.

↑ (newer posts)

↓ (older posts)

When the arrows are pointing to the left or the right I tend to become a bit confused. It makes me think of going a page back in stead of opening a new page to take a look at the older posts.