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Adding Admin Elements in Themes

1 Comment WordPress Tutorials 2010.01.2

Not long after I started experimenting with WordPress themes, I wanted the “Edit post”, “Edit page”, “Edit comment” and “Site Admin” links in the same style as you can find those in the WordPress admin area. So I made those and I can tell you it makes live much easier. In this tutorial I explain how to install those in your own theme. (Continue reading…)

Install WordPress using MAMP (localhost) on a MAC

3 Comments/Pings WordPress Tutorials 2009.07.23

It is not hard to install WordPress locally on your MAC, you’ll probably have this done within 10 minutes if you follow this tutorial. Following on this tutorial, I will write a tutorial on how to access your WordPress installation installed via MAMP on your MAC in a virtual machine for cross browser testing. I’ll refer to this tutorial. (Continue reading…)