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Fazyvo 1.6

90 Comments/Pings Fazyvo 2009.09.5

Attention 2010-11-12: Due to a lot of webdesign work I simply haven’t the time to update or to support Fazyvo any longer. If you’d like, I’m available for hire.

Besides, I’ve moved my site to

Fazyvo, a clean WordPress theme. You have a lot of options including options which enable you to change the look of the theme. I’d say: give it a try: download Fazyvo 1.6 (3857).

Please consider to leave a comment (scroll down), to  Donatie or to hire me.

Click on the images for a reallife sized version:

Fazyvo 1.0 - Frontpage

Fazyvo 1.0 - Frontpage.

Fazyvo 1.0 - A logged in user is looking at a blogpost.

Fazyvo 1.0 - A logged in user is looking at a blogpost.

Fazyvo 1.0 - 'Fazyvo Options' page.

Fazyvo 1.0 - 'Fazyvo Options' page.

Changelog since Fazyvo 1.5

  • Trackbacks/pingbacks show up in the commentslist now.
  • There is a pagesmenu now. You can disable it at the optionspage.


This theme is released under the GPL license. This means that you can modify and use it for anything you want as long you don’t claim that the theme is yours. The modifications you make, are obviously yours.

Special Features

1. Cufón - Smooth Titles

1. Cufón - Smooth Titles

1. “Smooth” Titles

All the titles (title of the blog, posts and in the sidebar) look smooth. Some were worried that it was bad for SEO, but I guarantee it is not. The technique I use (Cufón) doesn’t replace the text with an image but it goes over the normal text. If you’re using a lot of titles, it might load a bit slow in Internet Explorer 6 but that should not harm the experience.

Not every language is supported (only languages with English like characters so Japanese and Arabic like languages are not supported), if yours doesn’t show up properly or you don’t like it at all you can just turn it off (Admin Area > Appearance > Fazyvo Options).

2. Change the Look of Fazyvo easily

When you go to the Fazyvo Options page (Admin Area > Appearance > Fazyvo) you have besides a few options also a few visual options. The theme includes a few options which enable you to change the header, the color of titles and links and the favicon. You can choose between a few presets which allow you to make the theme more personal, more fitting to your needs.

2. There are another link colors and headerimage.

2. There are another link colors and headerimage.

2. You can choose out of more header images.

2. You can choose out of more header images.

3. Edit Post Button

3. Edit Post Button

3. Administrator Elements Styled

All the administrator elements (like “Edit Post” and “Edit Comment” buttons as you can see in the screen and also an “logged in bar”) in the theme make it easier for you to work with WordPress. Only in a few themes there has been spent time to get this (also) right.

4. Just another Fine...

4. Just another Fine...

4. Footertext

After the blog title in the footer (in this screenshot “Fayzvo”) you can (at Fazyvo Options page):

  • the blogtag shown here;
  • type your own text here (like a copyright) or
  • choose to leave it blank.


WordPress versions

Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Mozilla Firefox 2+ (it has also been successfully tested in Ubuntu 8.10 without the core webfonts in Mozilla Firefox 3+)
  • Chrome 1+
  • Safari 2+
  • Opera 9+
  • iPod Touch V2 Safari


  • XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid
  • CSS 2.1 Valid (when not logged in!)

Thanks to

  • Steven for the picture of an office building you can see on the screenshots of Fazyvo.
  • Matthew for reporting the bug with the comments in Fazyvo 1.3 and with the storytitles which looked in Internet Explorer unclickable in Fazyvo 1.4.


If you got (still) any questions, want support for plugins, found a bug or you just want to say ‘thanks’, please comment it. You can also say thanks by making a donation. I’ve spent so many time developing this theme, so I’d really appreciate it!

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  1. Hi:

    We are using Fazyvo 1.2 for a blog at work. Is there a way to change the font size of the title for each entry? The font size that automatically comes with it is too large for us. Thanks.

  2. Hi Mary,

    Thanks! I’ve heard other people about that too. I’ll consider making an option so people can set the font size themselves. Thanks for commenting!

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  4. Wonderful theme template! I really like the customization features. Thank you …and keep up the great work.

  5. A great templet that has many options. I looked for days trying to find one that would be just enough to make my blog look great. I also had Melle do some work for me on the header and it turned out great. If you want anything special to make it just right this is the theme for you.

  6. Thank you so much for developing such wonderful themes. I am creating a website for our church and would like to use the pages and just one post page for feedback. However, the pages I create are not showing on the actual site, please help :) Also I downloaded pictures but they are not showing on the site? what do I need to do? I am using it on wordpress and bluehost is domain registrar.

    Thank you for all your help

  7. Hi Frida,
    Thank you! I’ll sent you an email about the issue!

  8. Hi, I really like this theme and am wanting to use it for my website, however, I was wondering if there is any way to customize the header, where I could upload a picture and place it there instead. Is there a way to do this? I’m new to wordpress, so any help with it that I can get, I would really appreciate.


  9. Many thanks for this great theme, it is the first thing i have chosen for my new companies site, I just have a good feeling about this theme and after reading your bio and viewing your portfolio I think we will be speak a little more very soon.

    Many Many thanks, keep up the Grade A work!


  10. Hi Emilia,

    Thanks! What you want is not possible, but many other also requested it. Right now, you’ll have to hire somebody to do it for you. I’m thinking of integrating an option which enables users to upload their own headerimage. I’ll seriously consider integrating it in Fazyvo 2.0. Thanks for commenting!

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you! I spend a lot of time to archive that! Feel free to email me if you got future work for me!

  11. Can I add my own banner (e.g. my own graphics, not an ad) to the header?

  12. Hi Jill,

    Well, I have had many requests. I’ll consider to integrate this feature in Fazyvo 2.0. Thanks for reporting!

  13. Thanks much for your site, I use your theme on almost all my webs. It is easy to add things to and when adding google ads I don’t have any problems like some sites. Great job

  14. Melle,

    I was looking for a good theme and found yours. Thank you, it’s great! I’ve installed a few moments ago and it works very well (I’m testing a lot of themes but I’ve fallen in love with your design, hahaha!). I’ll install AdSense in the future, and I’d like to know if you’ll configure an option to change the link color (I’d like a stronger blue, the @0000ff). Anyway, I’ll test it with your link color and see how it goes.

    Good luck, and thank you for your wonderful job!

  15. Hi Greg,
    Thank you!

    Hi Gianmarco,
    First time I heart that somebody fell in Love with Fazyvo! It will only become better in the future. Thank you! I’ll sure consider making it easier for people to change the colors!

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  17. Thank you for providing the Fazyvo theme! It provides a professional, clean look with very handy, easy customization features. It definitely stands out from the rest of the themes.

    John 3:16

  18. Hi — When I open the theme in WP, I don’t see a pages list in the sidebar as promised. It’s the 1.6 from your site. Something I can customize???

  19. Hi Thomas Overmiller,
    Thank you!

    Hi Beth,
    Ehm, I think I know what you mean. You can use widgets to get the pages list in the sidebar. Go to the Admin Area > Appearance (in the menu on the left) > Widgets and it will probably be clear what to do from there.

    Let me know it when it worked or if you have any other questions!

  20. Is it possible to remove the sidebar on the right altogether and widen the content on the left to then cover the space originally occupied by the sidebar?

  21. Each post on the front page displays the categories and posts (respectively) associated with it. Do you know of any simple way to hide this information from the front page? I would really like to do this–to unclutter the front page. Do you recommend a plugin, or will I have to modify code (I am hesitant to do this).


  22. Thanks, Melle, I did get it to work! Now I want to change the header, and I made my own the exact size of header_1 that works fine. My problem now is that it ends when you open the page wider than 980px, and a black edge appears that only extends to the top of the white main page area. I would be OK with that black area extending all the way down. Is there any easy way to do that?

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  24. Hi Ronse,
    Right now, that is not possible. I’m thinking of including an option which enabled you ‘to set’ a wider content area in Fazyvo 2.0. I’m not sure when I’ll release this version.

    Hi Thomas Overmiller,
    You don’t have to modify any code. If you want a normal page to be displayed on the front page, go to Admin Area > Settings > Reading. I think you’ll know from there what to do!

    Hi Beth,
    I saw you emailed me. I’ll answer via email.

  25. Hi Melle — Maybe my reply e-mail is in your spam box again? Looking fwd to hearing from you! Beth

  26. Hi Beth,
    I looked and guess what.. it happened again somehow. I’ll answer your email now. ;)

  27. Hi again Melle — Look in your spam folder … I’ve had some bad luck and could use your advice asap. Thanks! B.

  28. Hi Beth,
    Your email doesn’t end up in my spam folder any longer. ;) I’ve sent an reply.

  29. Hi Melle,

    Thanks for a beautiful theme. After looking through your portfolio I decided to use the Gravel theme for my other page! You do great work :)


  30. Ciao Beth!

    And many thanks for the beautiful theme you made for WordPress. It is clean and its details speak about the attention you put in designing it.

    There’s is just one thing I miss that was available with a small hack to the “AllSidebar Edition 1.5″ theme: random images in the header.

    I’m not a programmer and I can’t tell but hope it won’t be a too big effort to change the code so that the header image would change anytime the page is reloaded.

    Thanks again for your work!


        – Luca.

  31. Hi Kel,
    Thanks for commenting! I’m glad you like it very much!

    Hi Luca,
    Thank you. I spent a lot of time to the details!

    I’ve had so many requests of people who want to be able to adjust the header images theirself that I’ll integrate an feature which enables the admin to use a custom image for the header in Fazyvo 2.0!

  32. Hi Melle,

    Thank you for your replay!

    I need your help in changing -I guess- something in the CSS.

    Every and each cell in the tables has the bottom border visible even in I use border=”0″ in the table markup.

    Is there a line in the CSS that I can comment out without messing it all up? Or is there some inline CSS command I can use?

    Any advice will be great. Many thanks in Advance!

    — Luca.

  33. Hello Melle,
    Many thanks for making this beautiful theme. I like it a lot.

    This is my first time making a web site with WP and I’m still learning.

    My site will have code samples in Objective-C, a language that can be very verbose, with looong lines of code.

    Is there a way for me to change the theme to have much wider columns? Do I need to alter the header graphic as well?

    Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks in advance.

    – willc2

  34. Hi Melle,

    I came across your wonderful theme and would say this is indeed a quality work you did. I have a question if you answer me will be helpful for me to use the same for one my new site.

    I found your post titles are automatically to am image, l am curious if this is SEO friendly or possibility to use Titles as text.

    I am keen to use your theme, but bit confused on this point, if you clarify me will be helpful.

    Thanks in advance

    - Amber

  35. Hi Luca,
    This can be changed easily if you’re not afraid to touch (and delete) a line of code. Log in > go to the admin area > Appearance > Editor > select Stylesheet (you can find this link at the menu on the right at the bottom of the menu). Now try to find these lines of code which you can find somewhere at the middle of the document:

    blockquote {
    margin:0 0 0 39px;

    .content th, .content td {
    border-bottom:1px solid #777;


    And remove this line:

    border-bottom:1px solid #777;

    and that should do the trick. Please let me know if you get it ‘working’ or do have any other questions!

    Hi Will,
    Thanks. Welcome in the World of WordPress! (By the way: consider upgrading to Fazyvo 1.6.)

    Right now it’s not possibly to make the columns wider unless it is done manually (customization) but I’ll include in Fazyvo 2.0 (probably the next version) a few options which allows users to set another (main) column width. Thanks for requesting!

    Hi Amber,
    Thanks! Good question. Briefly: yes, it sure is SEO friendly. ;)

    What is done is the following: A script (Cufon) which replaces the text in the browser and make it look and feel like an ‘image’. But what in reality has been done is that every character has something like an image above it, though you won’t find any images there. This means that the words/characters are still there and indexable, SEO friendly.

  36. Hallo.

    At first thanks to share resoults of your work with others.
    I have s problem and i hope that you can help me.
    When i activate your theme Fazyvo 1.6 the caracters as čžšđČŽŠĐ in the name of the posts are lost. The same is with welcome mesage.
    Other themes works without problems.
    Can you help me. THX.

  37. Hi Janaz,

    Thank you for your comment. I know about the issue. Right now it’s unfortunately not possible to solve, but I’ll take a look at solving this problem in the next version of Fazyvo.

    For now, you can solve the problem by logging in > going to the Admin Area > Appearance > Fazyvo Options > disable Cufon. When Cufon is disabled, should show up as it should, but it won’t look as pretty like it used to.

  38. Hi,

    Thanx for the Theme, it’s really beautifull. I’ve installed it and it works pretty nice.
    Is it possible i could add my main links on the left empty space (left empty column).



  39. Linda W at 2009.12.2 @ 18:17

    Thank you! This is great. I love it.

  40. Hi Randy,
    Right now, that would have to be done with a customization. But I’m thinking of enabling people to use that space as well. Thank you!

    Hi Linda W, Thank you!

  41. Hi Melle –

    Love the theme, thank you. Quick question – is there a way to have a “Home” link in the pages section? Right now, if you click on any of the other pages, there isn’t a clean way to get back to the main page. I’d love to have a “home” link be the first one in the pages section. II am guessing there is a simple way to do this.

    Many thanks for the help.


  42. Hey!
    Thanks for the theme. It doesn’t suit all my particular needs because they are very special, but I’m keeping it for a personal blog one day. It’s really nice, well thought and carefully done.

    Good luck and thank you!!!

  43. Hi Michael,
    Thank you. I’ve just took a look at your website and I think you managed it! Please tell me if I’m mistaking! If you have any other questions, please let me know.

    Hi Pablo,
    Appreciated it! Spent a lot of time to get it all right. Please note that I’ll update the theme in the future!

  44. Simulist at 2009.12.27 @ 09:21

    Thank you for making such a wonderful theme!

  45. Hi Simulist, Thank you!

  46. Hey!
    I’ve started using your nice minimalistic theme, but look at what has happened at the pages:

    Help, please!! I don’t know how it has happend.

    Thank you and all best,


  47. Well, it was a mess: I uninstalled and installed. It worked. So, I take the chance to thank you. I like the theme and I’ll keep an eye on you.
    Very good luck,


  48. Hi, how do I get a link to go back to “Home”?

    Cheers, love this theme …


  49. Hi. Thank you for this great theme which I have just downloaded. Question: is there a way to remove the link to the RSS feed at the top of the right side bar? it doesn’t show up in Appearance/Widgets and I need that space for other widgets and information. I look forward to hearing from you.

  50. Hello again Melle. I’ve just found the answer to my question in the Options menu. Sorry for bothering you. M

  51. Hi Melle,

    Thank you for this beautiful theme. It’s been great and I haven’t had any issues until I tried to use the More tag to create post previews. It won’t work, and I discovered it’s now inactivated on imported posts that were working fine before.

    Has anyone else reported this problem? I tried going into the Index file and trying different code variations, to no avail. Help!



  52. Hi Pablo,
    Thank you! Glad you solved it! Enjoy the theme!

    Hi Melissa,
    Thanks! Glad you found out how to solve your problem as well!

    Hi Gillian,
    Hmmm, I’m not sure what you mean, but it sounds like a theme bug which I’d like to crush. I understand from you that using the “More” tag doesn’t work. When does it not work? Be careful with going into index file(s)! Please send me an email ( and specify so I can solve the problem.

  53. Look at your sample where it shows the text “Browser Icons”. On my page, I have various links to other pages there. The website was made by someone else and dumped on me so I need some basic answers. How do I change or work with those links? I have searched the Dashboard with no success. Those links spill over from the center cutout to the colored section on the right side and become lost. Can I keep them in the cutout? [BTW Your entry (?) under Tools has the typo "titel".] I find that the greatest lack in Wordpress is the lack of a long, explicative narrative of ten to thirty pages explaining what Wordpress is and does and how. All the explanations and comments seem to assume that you are a pro and don’t need any instruction. Are there books that fulfill that function? Is there any direct, plain English narrative or tutorial about Wordpress on the Web? Please suggest something if you can. It’s strange that the dictionary doesn’t recognize the word Wordpress and underlines it in this comment. Thanks.

  54. cool theme

    is there a way for the ‘blog’ to appear as a tab alongside my other pages?



  55. Hi Rich,

    Thanks, you can disable the pagemenu (Log in > Admin Area > Appearance > Fazyvo Options) and use a page widget in the sidebar instead. It is a know bug. I’ll fix this in the next version of Fazyvo.


  56. Ronald at 2010.02.11 @ 00:04

    HI Melle,

    I ‘m a newbie with wordpress and really like the look of Fazyvo 1.0. I am presently using wordpress 2.5.1 and whenever I click on comments or the ‘About’ tab I get the following error.
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: post_password_required() in /web/wordpress/wp-content/themes/fazyo/fazyo/comments.php on line 11

  57. Ronald at 2010.02.11 @ 01:35

    Hi Melle,

    I posted a comment earlier but it seems to have disappeared! Any way I ‘m a newbie using wordpress 2.5.1. I really like Fazyyvo 1.0 but I’m having a problem when I click on the ‘comments’ or ‘about’ tab. I get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: post_password_required() in /web/wordpress/wp-content/themes/fazyo/comments.php on line 11

  58. Hi Ronald,

    Thanks, I know what the problem is. #1 Fazyvo has been developed in WordPress 2.7.x and does probably not work well in older versions. It should work well in WordPres 2.7.x or newer. #2 I recommend you upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and Fazyvo because the older versions of both are less secure and starting to get ‘outdated’.


  59. This is one of the best WP themes out there.

    I have discovered one issue though. . .which is preventing me from using it.

    When I use the theme, with WP’s built-in Nextgen gallery. . .the gallery page’s thumbnails are squeesed horizontally in this theme. Note, this happens with IE 8. I don’t find this problem with Firefox.

    Any chance there will be a 1.7 version of this that is compatible with IE 8?

    Best regards,

  60. Thanks Jon,

    It’s good to hear that you preciate the work and hours that have been put into Fazyvo! Currrently, I’m working on Fazyvo 1.7. I’ll also test it in IE8 again with the plugin.

    Thanks for reporting this bug!


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  62. Hi Melle,

    I really appreciate the clean, professional look of this theme. Thanks for making it available.

    A few quick comments/questions:

    1) Pagemenu links at top “bleed out” on right side. (I’ve now removed them and replaced with the Pages list in the sidebar, but it’s still something you may want to look into.)

    2) I’d like to add my vote for a wider content area. (This may also solve #1.) Maybe make it variable width?

    3) Why does a comment area appear at the bottom of “static” pages, but not for my blog page (”News & Events”)? This should be switched.

    4) I’d like to see more flexibility with the fonts.

    Note: I’m using Mozilla 3.5.8 and Wordpress 2.9.2.

    That’s it for now. Thanks again.


  63. Hi Crhis,

    Thanks, you’re welcome! Wow, that is quite a long list… Well, there we go!

    1.) Yes, that’s a bug in Fazyvo. I’m currently working on a version of Fazyvo with a dropdownmenu that will look good with any amount of pages or subpages!

    2.) Heart it before. It has been noted!

    3.) You’re right. Will look to this!

    4.) More flexibility with the fonts. That’s a general comment. Would you like to have the options to change the size, type and so on of fonts?

    Warm regards,
    Melle Wynia

  64. Hello,

    How can i link the background-jpg to the “home”-page.

    what do i have to change in the header.php for it?


  65. Laniese at 2010.03.16 @ 17:31

    I like the look of this theme and really appreciate being able to put a intro/welcome message. It would be nice to be able to change the font size and color for the welcome message. Is there a way to put ads side by side also instead of just on top of one another? Sorry if this question is directed to the wrong place. I am new to wordpress.

  66. i would highly reccommend this theme to anyone on wp, great job guys…

  67. Melle,

    I posted a response to your 2010.02.27 comments quite awhile ago; don’t know why it didn’t show up. Anyway,…

    Glad you’re working on those fixes/updates. Re #4, yes, those are the types of options I’d like to see. The fix for #3, though, is my larger concern. Thanks for putting time & effort into this. Much appreciated.


  68. Melissa at 2010.03.26 @ 19:57

    This is a great, simple layout. I’m using it for a coalition website & trying to make it look great and professional.
    My only comment is that you should make the pagesmenu show children pages, as well as the parent pages (I think it is called a rolldown menu, but I’m not sure). Having to use the pages widget is not as professional looking, but without it, we can’t navigate subpages. I’ve only seen a few layouts that have this & it would make yours even more unique!

    Thanks! You can do that when you go to the directory images in the theme directory and edit the header background you like!

    Thank you. I’ll consider integrating new options for in or decreasing font sizes. When you would like add ads, look for a plugin at! I’m sure you’ll find a suitable solution there.

    Hmm, sounds strange. Thanks for you opinion.

    Yes, it is a dropdown menu you’re talking about. What you can do to solve the problem for now is disabling the header menu at the options page and use the widget “Pages” in the sidebar. I hope this helps!

  70. joan nova at 2010.04.4 @ 16:54

    does this theme support a custom header?

  71. Hi Joan,

    I’m sorry, but it does not. Thanks for the suggestion.

  72. I love this theme. One thing that I seem to be missing is the is the menu bar showing the sub pages. Is there anyway to fix that?

  73. Hi Robb,

    Thank you. A dropdown menu has not been integrated in it. Currently I’m working on a version of Fazyvo which has a dropdown menu! Currently I’m working on my website, so I’ll release it later.

  74. Hi, Melle,
    I’m in the process of putting together my site. I really like the elegant appearance of the theme. I would like to create a home page that links back to the first page (like when you click on the title text). Is this possible?

  75. Jessamyn at 2010.05.16 @ 07:06

    Hi Melle,

    I downloaded the Fayzo file and switched to the new theme. Then my site went blank! Any ideas why this happened?


  76. 84adam at 2010.05.16 @ 18:13

    Great theme. Great options. Love the layout and the clean look. Thanks a bunch for improving my site’s appearance. Take a look if you wish:


  77. I love the theme. I donated 10 pounds recently. I really need help with my comments section. I tried to remove the “you can use this XHTML” notice from comments.php and the whole section went haywire. I can’t even restore default comment settings by repasting the comments.php file I downloaded again. It either lists unexpected endif errors or displays my whole sidebar BELOW my post… Please help!

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  79. Hi Melle,
    Can you tell me where in the code I can find the content boarder settings please? I want to make the area larger or take out the boarder all together.



  80. I have a client’s site with Fazyvo, the first WordPress. It got very positive reviews. Can I get your help for the post (as home) to appear on the navigation? I see other people figure it out, but I haven’t been able to.

  81. Jessamyn at 2010.06.5 @ 19:52

    Can I use a png instead of a jpg for a header image?

  82. [...] # 2. Browser support: IE6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9+, Chrome 1+.     ### Please go to the Theme Page ( if you want to say thanks (I’d really appreciate that!), want to see screenshots or more [...]

  83. I’m loving the look of this theme but have a few questions:
    1) I have a static page as my front page. I’d like that page to appear as Home on my navigation bar, but don’t want to put Home in the title of the page because the Home heading displayed at the top of the page looks bad. How do I do this?
    2) I have child pages assigned to parents (i.e., nested), however the nested pages don’t appear as drop-downs when I hover on the navigation bar. Is there something I can do to make this happen?
    3) I installed the Breadcrumb NavXT Widget which instructs me to place a line of code in the appropriate file for my theme, and suggests that’s probably the header.php file. However, it didn’t work — nothing changed. Any suggestions?

    I hope you can help me.

    Thank you!

  84. First of all, sorry for my late replies! I’ll only reply to recent comments, I’ve emailed a few of the others about their comments!

    That would require a customization! Please email me about it!

    Thanks, good to hear. Log in > Settings > Reading and you’ll be able to change the front page on that page. ;)

    Yes, you can, but you’d have to change a line in the header.php as well for that. I recommend you to save the JPG at a high quality!

    @Debi Davis,
    Thank you! I noticed you emailed me as well, I’ll reply the email.

  85. very good template

  86. Good looking theme. I have a lot of different blogs so I’ll probably give this one a whirl. I’m interested to see the customization capability as that seems to be the way these themes are going these days.

    Thanks for the good theme.


  87. Melle:

    Thanks for the great follow up and wonderful theme — I did have one question though.

    Currently, Fazyvo displays the name of the page Title in the title_description() field on each page. This is REALLY annoying, and I can’t seem to disable this without causing a catastrophic error. Is there any hope of fixing this?

  88. thanks for your theme.
    good job.

    congratulations from Brazil, my friend ;)

  89. thanks. perfect theme

  90. Attention 2010-11-12: Due to a lot of webdesign work I simply haven’t the time to update or to support Fazyvo any longer. If you’d like, I’m available for hire.

    Besides, I’ve moved my site to


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