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Gravel 1.6

51 Comments/Pings Gravel 2009.08.22

Gravel is a grunge theme. Some special features: The adminbuttons like “Edit this” are in the same style as WordPress and there’s an optionspage which allows you to add footertext and to choose between three favicons. I’d say: give it a try: download Gravel 1.6 (4764).

Click on the images for a reallife sized version:

Gravel 1.1 - Front page.

Gravel 1.1 - Front page.

Gravel 1.1 - A logged in user is looking at a page.

Gravel 1.1 - A logged in user is looking at a page.

Gravel 1.4 - "Gravel Options" page.

Gravel 1.4 - "Gravel Options" page.

Changelog since Gravel 1.5

    • The XHTML tags list above an comment is now an option.
    • The theme is now 100% XHTML and CSS 2.1 valid.
    • Several small visual tweaks.


      WordPress versions

      Gravel may also work with older versions of WordPress, but it has succesfully been tested in these versions:

      Browser Support

      • Internet Explorer 6+
      • Mozilla Firefox 2+ (it has also been successfully tested in Ubuntu 8.10 without the core webfonts in Mozilla Firefox 3+)
      • Chrome 1+
      • Safari 2+
      • Opera 9+
      • iPod Touch V2 Safari


      If you got (still) any questions, want support for plugins, found a bug or you just want to say ‘thanks’ comment it here, please. I’d really like it if you leave your link in a comment!


      Sometimes, a customization is the only way to make a theme fit your needs. Think of diffrent changes made to the font (size etc.), another header etc. The finishing touch.

      It’s absolutely not expensive. Feel free to email me: if you got something or want more information.

      ↓ Leave a comment.

      1. I love the style of your website, but was hoping to have you customize it for me: change major font, font sizing, and the color scheme to blue/green white.

        Are you interested, or are there too many “changes?” Thanks for letting me know…


      2. Hi Teresa,

        Thank you! Sorry for answering so late. Well, that is possible, I’ve sent you an email!

        Melle Wynia

      3. Love your theme, we are using it to reboot out AMA website. I am having an issue with the Home page and comments. I have it set so the main page is my most recent posts (which is good) but there is no comment box on that page. I have allowed comments and pingbacks so I’m not sure what the issue is. Also I have a custom page structure (/topics) and when I click the “comments” button it takes me to a 404 page. One last question about the comments. Is there a way to disable the comment box when comments aren’t allowed? For a couple pages I just want a static page (i.e. the roster) but when I disallow comments, there is still a large box for comments that reads “Sorry, the comment form is closed at this time.” I would really rather it just disappear.

        Any help would be appreciated!

      4. Hi Kevin,

        Thank you! I think that you can solve the “404 page” problem with changing the page structure to “/topics/“.

        No there isn’t a way to remove that message. When I’ll update Gravel to Gravel 1.7, I’ll include this update. This will prevent that this message is shown at a page (obviously only when you disables the comments and pings). I’ll put it on my To Do list! Thank for reporting it!

      5. I will make sure to look for that update! I also figured out my comments problem. I forgot to end my permalink with %postname% haha! Thanks for your help though.

      6. In May I set up my blog site, using your Gravel theme, at I like the look of it and I have also have played around with it a bit as you will see.

        I need to know if I will lose the changes I made if I install Gravel 1.6 . Please advise me.

        I have sent you a donation as a token of my appreciation for your work.

      7. Hi Daan,

        Thank you!!! I really appreciate it! :)

        About updating Gravel to 1.6. The info set at “Gravel Options” won’t be harmed, but the rest of the changes you made in the code/images of Gravel, will not update. But the update to Gravel 1.6 is not required, earlier versions are also stable. If you want to install Gravel 1.6 anyway, I recommend you installing it via FTP so you won’t overwrite the theme. That enables you to adjust Gravel 1.6 the same way you did with Gravel 1.5. I’ll make sure that the next version of Gravel won’t overwrite older versions.


      8. thanks!
        please use this plugin for your wordpress. I use your Icon set! ;)

      9. Found one more thing that would be a nice update/fix. When you put a link in a post it isn’t hyperlinked on the main page. You actually have to open the specific post for the hyperlink to be active. Is there a quick way to fix this instead of waiting for 1.7? It’s kind of important to my site.

      10. Hi Reza,
        Glad you like it.

        Hi Kevin,
        Yes there is an easy way to fix that. You have enabled ‘excerpts’, we will have to disable those. Go to the Admin Area > Appearance > Gravel Options and disable ‘Show excerpts’. Let me know it if you get it working.

      11. yup that fixed it, thanks again for the help!

      12. Great theme! My wife is using it here Becky’s Reviews.

        In a future upgrade would you consider adding more meta data to each post or making that an option? For example I’d like it to show which user made each post.

        Thanks again.

      13. Hi Greg,

        Thanks for commenting, glad your wife likes the theme.

        I sure have considered it, but I recommend you installing a plugin for adding extra functionality! This way people have more choice of what they exactly want. Enjoy the theme!

      14. hi melle

        first up, i must say, i really love ur gravel theme. it comes as such a refreshing change after all those boring free wordpress themes ;)

        i have a static html website at but everyone seems to believe that a wordpress powered website with fresh content will get better seo. which is why im shifting my entire site to wordpress.

        being a complete fresher, however, id like to know a few things about ur gravel theme:

        1. what kind of plug ins can i install ? really important for me are the all in one seo, twitter and the google sitemap

        2. do you have drop down boxes for ur theme as well ?

        3. can i put my logo instead of the header ?

        4. and most importantly, can i have a page on the first page of your theme with the blog moving to second or third page ? this is important since i want my visitors to land on a static page instead of the blog

        id really appreciate an answer


      15. Hi, I have been using your gravel theme and it is very cool. I was wondering how can I place my logo into the header? I am not all that web savvy, but I a quick learner. If I could add my logo to the header, I think that would really make my blog really pop.

      16. Hi Mihir and Brian!

        Thanks for commenting and suggestion new things for me to integrate in the theme. I’ll surely consider integrating the features you requested.

        1. You can install all the plugins you want whatever theme you’d like to use. Also with this theme. It’s 100% widgetready.

        2. Well, the page menu doesn’t support dropdown boxes yet, but I’m seriously thinking of integrating this in the next version: Gravel 1.7.

        3. Oeh, that’s a bit trickier. That would require you to touch a few lines of code. I’ll also try to integrate this in Gravel 1.7.

        4. It sure it possible. Log in and go the the Admin Area > Settings > Reading and set ‘Front page displays’ to ‘A static page (select below)’ and select the page you want to be the front page. Don’t forget to set a page for the blog as well.

        I’ve send you both an email because I replied not very quickly.

      17. Hi, love your theme. Could you please let me know if how I could images to the green color and add my own logo instead of the RSS feed on top right.

        Many Thanks

      18. Melle,
        I love your Gravel WP theme! It was a welcome change for me after using the default wp theme for a year. I am totally incompetent when it comes to changing code – code to me is not poetry! : ) What I wonder is how can I change the text of the body so that there is spacing between paragraphs? And I wanted to enable a facebook widget, but I don’t see it on the screen when I say “yes” to enable it.
        I would so appreciate your feedback. Thanks again!

      19. Amanda at 2009.11.11 @ 22:41

        I LOVE this theme – but I can’t get it up and running! I’ve tried through both Kompozer and cPanel, but it just doesn’t want to work. :(

        I found a site explaining how to get themes up on WP but it was a little confusing (this is my first theme). Anyone know of any step-by-step sites?

        Thanks in advance!

      20. Hi Alex,
        Well, that would require a special customization (adjusting/writing a lot of new lines of code and much more). Please email me if you’re interested.

        Hi Sarah,
        Well, that’s good to hear! Thanks! It’s hard to answer your questions, if you want more information, please email me. I’ll be able to help you that way easier.
        1. Well, for ‘more’ spacing between the paragraphs, please email me and I’ll tell you how to.
        2. If you installed a Facebook widget you can only ‘enable’ it when you log in > go to the admin area > Appearance > Widgets and drag and drop the facebook widget to the sidebar.

        Hi Amanda,
        Good to hear you love it, though it’s a bit hard to let you understand how to work with WordPress on my blog. Please email me if you want more info, I’ll be brief here: when you want to work with WordPress, you have to install it, activate and so on. After you did that, you’ll be able to work with it and install the theme Gravel.

        Gravel isn’t ‘a website’. It is only the look, a theme of WordPress. You can install, activate and use in every (recent) WordPress installation. Please email me for more information.

      21. Hi Melle,
        Love the design of your Gravel template. Please advise the best way to place adsense ads on the site. I also tried to place ads in the sidebar. It is appearing too far to the left, can I fix this?
        Thanks for your help.
        Fans of The Young and the Restless

      22. Hi Gina,
        Thank you! Well, this shouldn’t be too hard. Please feel free to email me if you haven’t got it working (properly) yet.

      23. I love your theme. Of all the Wordpress sites I have I think I like this theme the best. I’ve done quite a bit of customizing and there are a few things I don’t care for, but overall it’s great.

        I’m currently working through adding links to the sidebar. It’s been a while since I’ve worked in the guts of the theme so most of the time is for reorienting myself.

      24. Hi

        just want to say thank you for Gravel. Great Theme!

        - chris

      25. Hi Chris, Danke! Please make a small donation!

      26. Okay, I found a problem. I can fix this but it’s something not everyone is going to be able to program around. I’ll try and leave the problem intact for a week so you can see it.

        In the sidebar at the bottom is a tagline. Mine says “Spread it around! It’s just stuff.” The coding isn’t removing the slash preceding the apostrophe. See below (direct copy).

        Spread it around! It\’s just stuff! Gravel 1.6 by NOONnoo. Powered by WordPress. Log out. Site Admin.

      27. Hi,

        it seems it doesn’t support center-aligned images. It’s possible only, if the img-tag is enclosed by corresponding paragraph-tags.


      28. Hi Nori,
        I want to apologize I haven’t responded on your first comment. I’ll send you an email.

        Hi Chris
        Thanks for the comment. I’ve just took a look, and it is yes indeed not supported. I’ll change this in the next version of Gravel. Thanks!

      29. Melle, this would be fine. Thank you.

      30. Hi I love the theme and have done some customizing of it but there are 2 things I’d like some help with. The first as mentioned above is with images not centering. A fix is to put the image between centered paragraph tags but this doesn’t work if the image has a caption for some reason. Would you be able to help with that?

        The other issue is I cannot get images that are links to stop displaying the line underneath. I’ve played with the CSS and tried to do this and even created a new class for them but I’ve had no luck. I don’t want to get rid of that on every link, just images.

      31. Hi Jason,

        Thanks for commenting! Right now centering images doesn’t work, this will be fixed in coming versions. Second issue about the images that are displaying under every link, email me if you want to fix it! Thanks.

      32. Hi, when I start to think about my new blog-project, I found your Gravel theme – and it was “love” at first site. For the first steps it looked to be the perfect theme for presenting philosophic poems with some bloody background… huh! :)

        But I have two questions about it:

        1. What will be a adequate amount of donation? (I hope, I don’t cross any line with this question… *shiver*)

        2. The tag-line at the top of every article does not disappear – even when I change the Gravel options for it. Is there any other option, I must switch to hide the tag-line?

      33. Hi Andi,

        Thanks, thanks! I never recognized a bloody background in it, but I do now. A new insight!

        1. You would make me really happy with a donation of €15,-!

        2, Hmmm that sounds like a strange bug! I;ll look to it. Thanks for reporting it! Right now, there is not another option, but it will be fixed in future versions!

      34. Melle:

        I am having an issue similar to Sarah, re: spacing between paragraphs (version 1.6, running WordPress 2.9.1).

        I am very comfortable with changing CSS, but I am not seeing how to make the spacing between paragraphs consistent. Specifically, I am able to adjust this spacing between paragraphs for pages (via “.post p”), but this is not working for posts.

        In fact, the spacing does work as expected when I PREVIEW a post, but not when that post is rendered when published.

        Perhaps we have a bug?

        Thanks for your help.


      35. Hi SG,

        Thanks for reporting the bug.

        I see what you mean. This is a strange bug. Right now I’m working on the new version of Gravel (version 2.x) but I’ll release a version of Gravel 1.x in which this and other bugs will be fixed. How does that sound?

      36. Sounds great, Melle. No huge rush; this is a very-part-time satire blog, so it is not at all mission-critical.

        BTW, I also noticed that HTML edit does not seem to work. Are you aware of that?

        Thanks again.


      37. Melle:

        This may help, but I’m not certain of the accuracy of my observations.

        I believe I was originally editing in IE (8). Today I edited the (first) post using FireFox (3.5.7), and now the paragraph spacing seems to be working.

        However, I may have found another bug. When I set “Show Excerpts” to “Enable,” the post displays (in Home) the excerpted content PRIOR to my last edit. When I change this setting to “Enable and show the rest …,” the post displays the OLD content for the excerpt, then repeats the entire NEW (edited) post under the excerpt.

        I hope this helps with your debugging.


      38. Hi SG,

        Thanks for looking in Gravel!

        Hmm, the WordPress admin area may not work well or you changed the css on a way IE8 does not ‘implement’ or you may not have cleared the cache of IE8 yet. It may be one of these issues. I expect it to be the last issue.

        The second issue sounds a lot worse. This seems to be a real bug. I’ll look at this bug when I update Gravel to version 1.7.

        Thanks for reporting the bugs! If you find anything else, please let me know!


      39. hey,
        I don’t seem to have a comment bar since i switched. [check here: ] how can i get a new comment bar??

      40. Hi Frank,

        The version of Gravel you’re speaking of is a Blogger Theme, not a WordPress theme. Not to long ago someone translated my WordPress to a Blogger theme, you should go to him. ;) You’ll probably find that person on this website: .


      41. Just figured it out. I had Super Cache on. Silly me.

      42. Thanks for this great Theme.

        I use it for the twitter music Guide and it’s cool. Clean, useful.

        Still I got one question about the post, the archive and the way it is displayed.

        This page (the post page)
        should display all the news. But it only displays the posts that are one week old or less.

        I have searched in the code but I guess I’m not good enough and I don’t know how to change that so that articles appear (even old one) just like on any other blog.

        Any idea?

        Anyhow thanks for this great theme.

      43. Hi Valoche,

        Thanks, it will only show the 5 latest posts depending on how many posts you want it to show (Admin Area > Settings > Reading). If you want to have all posts show up on a page, you’ll have to download a plugin which enables you to have all the posts show up on one page.

      44. I love your theme and have adapted it quite a bit by adding tabs and tweaking some things to make it into a full blown website and blog. My designer made lots of tweaks and added codes so your beautiful design could work for my purposes.

        Three questions
        1) My designer has added some codes and so when you update to version 1.7, do I need to download that? How do I know if and when to upgrade?

        2)Some people using Internet Explorer 8 said my 7 tabs across reflow onto two lines and get cut off. But it is fine on my mac with Safari and Firefox and also Explorer 7 and under. Please advise!

        3) For my blog, I want my initial post, the intro, to stay on top but as I add posts, it gets bumped? How can I rectify this?

        Thanks so much!

      45. HI Janis,

        I saw saw you also emailed me. I’ll reply the email!

        Melle Wynia

      46. Really great design. I love it. Keep up the good work.
        It’s a more stylized version of what I had intended for my own site.

        I have a couple of questions I’ll email you about.

      47. Thanks Morgan! I’ve replied your email!

      48. Stephanie at 2010.04.12 @ 00:14


        I like your design, but can’t use Gravel unless you can get WordPress to offer it in orange & yellow.

        All the best,
        Stephanie in Texas

      49. Hello, I’ve been using your theme for awhile now and would like to upgrade automatically which it says is possible but I do not see where I can click for this.
        Also I am not able to post pictures from my computor, only urls.

        I am all mixed up right now with no side bar. I will try to figure that out today on my own but may need help.

      50. @Stephanie,
        Thank you. Sorry, but I’m not going to create another colour schedule!

        @Jeanie Williamson,
        There is no way to automatically upgrade the theme to the latest version. You’ll have to install the latest version next to the version you’re using right now. You can have all the version of Gravel installed next to each other.

        Please let me know when you need any help!

      51. Attention 2010-11-12: Due to a lot of webdesign work I simply haven’t the time to update or to support Fazyvo any longer. If you’d like, I’m available for hire.

        Besides, I’ve moved my site to


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