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Gravel 1.5

74 Comments/Pings Gravel, My WordPress Themes 2009.07.23

A newer version of Gravel is available, please download it here.

Gravel is a grunge theme. Some special features: The adminbuttons like “Edit this” are in the same style as WordPress and there’s an optionspage which allows you to add footertext and to choose between three favicons. I’d say: give it a try: download Gravel 1.5 (3778).

Click on the images for a reallife sized version:

Gravel 1.1 - Front page.

Gravel 1.1 - Front page.

Gravel 1.1 - A logged in user is looking at a page.

Gravel 1.1 - A logged in user is looking at a page.

Gravel 1.4 - "Gravel Options" page.

Gravel 1.4 - "Gravel Options" page.

Changelog since Gravel 1.4

  • It is not compatible with WordPress 2.7.x any longer.
  • Improved widgets support.
  • Small optimizations and visual changes.


WordPress versions

Gravel may also work with older versions of WordPress, but it has succesfully been tested in these versions:

Browser Support

  • Internet Explorer 6+
  • Mozilla Firefox 2+ (it has also been successfully tested in Ubuntu 8.10 without the core webfonts in Mozilla Firefox 3+)
  • Chrome 1+
  • Safari 2+
  • Opera 9+
  • iPod Touch V2 Safari


If you got (still) any questions, want support for plugins, found a bug or you just want to say ‘thanks’ comment it here, please. I’d really like it if you leave your link in a comment!


I do customazations for a small price. It’s possible to make the theme fit to your needs exactly for a small price. Feel free to e-mail me: for more information.

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  1. Hi I love this theme!

    Thank you so much for creating it.

    I have one quick question/suggestion

    I have a lot of text in my header and the RSS button covers it up (I love the button and don’t want to remove it) is there any way to wrap the text? Also I want to change the header text color and have tried in the themes page and other places but I guess I’m just not as advanced as I would like to be in formating. Where whould I change the text colors?

    Again thanks for creating such an awesome theme!

  2. Hi Tonya,

    First of all: good to hear you like it! The problems are quite hard to solve if you don’t know anything of coding. I saw you also sent me an email, I’ll try to help you out via email.

    By the way: I will solve the bug with the rss button overlapping the text in the header in Gravel 1.6. I’ll put you on the Thanks list with a link to your website. ;)

  3. I dig the theme and am using for my new website! But I am having trouble with inserting images and links into posts.

    When I view them through the dashboard, the images and links are there and working fine. But when visiting the site later, the images don’t appear and the links don’t work.

    What am I doing wrong?

  4. Hi Kevin,

    Glad you like Gravel! It sounds like a strange situation. Does it also happen with other themes? Maybe it helps if you go to the Dashboard > Appearance > Gravel Options and disable excerpts. Please tell me whether it works!

  5. That worked — many, many thanks!

  6. Hi,

    Does Gravel support twitter??

    Best regards

  7. Hi Odette,

    You have to install a plugin and to drag a widget to the sidebar for that. You should go to the Admin Area > The menu on the left > Plugins > Add new and search for twitter. You’ll probably find there a lot of plugins you can use. Good luck!

  8. Hi Mele,

    Thanks for the theme! How can i add a left hand side sidebar as well?


  9. Hi Raghu,

    Good to hear! That would make the theme wider than the magical 1024px barrier. Honestly seen, I can’t really advise it and besides that, it would require a special customization for you. If you’d like to have that, drop me a line:

  10. Dianna at 2009.07.29 @ 03:19

    Hey There,

    Beautiful theme. Thank you!

    I know a little about coding, but not too much about WP themes (this is my first one).
    I’m wondering … is there any way I could make the font size of the sidebar content
    larger and/or darker? My audience is a little ‘older’ and I’d like to make it easy on their
    old eyes!

    Thanks again.

  11. Hi Dianna,

    Thanks! If you’d like to change it, go to the Admin Area > Menu on the left > Appearance > Editor > Menu on the right > Open header.php. Than try to find this line of code:

    font:16px/1.4em Georgia, serif;

    and replace it with:

    font:18px/1.4em Georgia, serif;

    Let me know whether it all works!

  12. Hi Melle

    Thanks for a great theme :)

    I have a tiny problem though, in the comments someone used a smilie and it is showing on top of a word, the link is showing the pages

    Thanks for your time

  13. Hi Dave,

    I just took a look at your blog, and you’re right. I will fix this in Gravel 1.6! Thanks for reporting the bug. I’ll also put you on the thanks list! ;)

  14. Hello!
    This is my first web experience with WP.
    I really appreciate your work, but also my friends.
    I have a little problem. If you enalble “Show the pages menu” option (I like this!), even child pages are shown too (and not only parent pages). Further on, they are added in the SAME line as parent pages. I expected that only parent pages would appear, while respective child pages are not shown at all (or, better, they would appear only if mouse is over parent page link).
    Now, if you have many pages, one line is not enough for all of them…
    Thanks for your kind reply,

  15. Hi Teramax,
    I understand what you want with the pagesmenu. The only way it is possible to do at this moment is to disable it. I’ll consider making an option which enables you to only show parent pages, but I won’t include a dropdown menu. The pages menu is actually meant for a few pages, otherwise, everything will ‘clutter up’ fast. Thank you for your request, I’ll seriously consider including a new option.

  16. Hello Melle!
    I love the Gravel 1.5 site! I am using it on my site I have a small problem that I wanted to ask you. I created various pages, and there is this message:

    XHTML tags: < a href="" title="" rel="nofollow"> < abbr title=""> < acronym title=""> < b> < blockquote cite=""> < cite> < code> < del datetime=""> < em> < i> < q cite=""> < strike> < strong>

    I don’t know much about coding, but can easily replace anything if you want to email me. I plan on using your template for the other 9 sites (,, etc).

    Thanks so much!

  17. Hi Kelly,

    Thank you! That can be ’solved’ easily. I’ll send you an email!

  18. hey melle, i customized your theme for the website i have created. Just one problem – the website arranged gets all messed up when i try to view it in IE , it looks perfect in safari or firefox. any ideas? Appreciate it!


  19. Hi Raghu,

    You really did a great job customizing the theme! Well done!

    Only some posts seem to cause that effect in Internet Explorer. I think that the images or some other ‘wrong’ html tags within the posts are causing this behaviour in Internet Explorer. If you make images to wide, or something else, the post is to wide and Internet Explorer 6 starts to $%^& everything up.

    But if I were you, I wouldn’t worry to much about Internet Explorer 6. Internet Explorer is about to extinct, big websites like YouTube, digg and other are already warning people, that they won’t support it anymore within a few months. This means Internet Explorer 6 is going to extinct within a years.

    Enjoy your blog!

  20. Thanks Melle for the feedback and also your comments..

    Thanks to you i had a great foundation/color scheme already done, all i had do to is write one page the ‘all recipes’ one.

    Take care

  21. Fernando at 2009.08.8 @ 08:29

    Hi Melle,

    I really like the theme. I’m writing a blog in Spanish and I was wondering how I can change the page menu to say “Home” in Spanish. I can naturally have the titles of all the pages I create in Spanish, but not the home page.


  22. Hi Fernando,

    Good to hear you like it!

    It’s easy to change it! Well you open header.php in your editor and scroll down in the document until you reach the bottom. Than look for these lines:

    < ?php wp_page_menu('show_home=Home'); ?>

    Now replace the bold part of this line of code with your own ‘home title’:

    < ?php wp_page_menu('show_home=
    Home'); ?>

    Please let me know it if you got it working!

    Maybe you'd like to share your translated version of Gravel 1.5 here? Or did you customize other things too? I'd really like to publish it here, of course all the credits will go to you for that version. ;)

  23. Hey,

    Thanks for the great theme!
    I found a little bug on my site using this theme.. The older post button appears higher then where it should be.

    Again awesome theme!



  24. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks! I’ve just took a look at your blog with the browser Firefox, but I haven’t found any bugs, could you please tell me in which browser you found this bug?

    Hope to hear from you soon,
    Melle Wynia

  25. Melle,

    Thank you for a beautiful design!

    I have two questions -

    1. Is there a way I can move main area to the left and make sidebar wider? I like to make my opt-in form bigger and the way it fits on the side bar is not that appealing. i tried ‘messing’ with style.css but the page just started looking un-even…

    2. Is there an option to make some of my pages private so they would not show up within my navigation?

    Thank you so much for your help!

  26. Hi Marianna,

    Thank you! Besides the two issues, you got everything working nicely.

    1. Well, the changes you want to make would require customizations which you might want me to make for you.

    2. Oehw, well that’s also a hard thing to do. You can password protect an post or page, but I don’t think this will hide it from the rest of the page. What you could consider is simply not publishing them and always keep them in the ‘draft’ mode. Only logged in admins and editors can write it than, but it’s not a nice way to do it.

    I’ve sent you an email about these issues.

    Melle Wynia

  27. Hi Melle,

    Thanks for your wonderful theme, I have started using it for my personal webpage and blog.
    I have 2 questions:

    1 I would like to change the header of the homepage to “Welcome” (instead of using a welcome page as I am doing now). I have tried to locate as you suggested to Fernando who wanted to use spanish words, but sofar have not been able to find it. Is this still the way to go?

    2 I would also like to have a larger fond for both the webpage name and the tagline “keeps you posted”. Is that possible?

    Thanks in advance!
    In love and light,

  28. Hi Cheta,

    edit: Trouwens, ik zag net op je blog, dat je ook Nederlands bent! Leuk om Nederlanders eens tegen te komen!


    1. Yes, it is still the way to go. In the Gravel 1.6 (the coming new version) I’ll integrate an option which allows you to let the ‘home’ link disappear, and use a normal page as an home page. That should make it a lot easier. I hope to release the new version within a few days!

    2. Absolutely, but again you have to go to the editor. Go to the Admin area (Dashboard) > Appearance > Editor > take a look at the left bar of the page and you’ll find at the bottom of that bar style.css. Click on this to open it. Now try to find this piece of code and increase the number I made bold:

    .header h1 {
    margin:0; padding:10px 0;
    color:#fff; font:40px Georgia, serif;

    and to increase the font size of the tagline, find this piece of code and again increase the number which is bold:

    .header h1 span {

    You can find them all at the top of the style.css document, you might have to search a little. Could you please let me know it if you got it working?

    Melle Wynia

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  30. I like it, I hope I find a use for it. Thanks :)

  31. Hi Melle,
    I love the site, it’s really great.
    As our website is for writers, I would love to be able to make the text of the page and posts fonts slightly smaller, to allow more content per page. Would this be possible to do? I think the headers would be ok as they are, but just the main text could do with being a little smaller for our needs!
    Thanks again, I really like the design!
    Saz x

  32. Hello Melle!
    I’m using your beautiful Gravel 1.5 Them. I’m facing the same problem as mentioned above. Near the comments i have The Next HTML code:
    XHTML tags: < a href="" title="" rel="nofollow"> < abbr title=""> < acronym title=""> < b> < blockquote cite=""> < cite> < code> < del datetime=""> < em> < i> < q cite=""> < strike> < strong>

    Can You please explain how can i make it vanish (Or Email me)?

    Thanks in advance

  33. Hoi Melle, inderdaad Nederlands…
    Dit werkt goed, ik heb de header aangepast. Dankjewel!

    It does works, THANKS! I have adjusted the code. I have noticed however, due to the hight of the header, that I can’t go over 50pts, or it will either not appear or disrupt the pagetabs. But even with that 10pt increase it feels much better to me! THANKS, Melle

  34. Thanks for helping simple minds like mine have a really good looking internet site.

  35. Hi Saz,

    Thanks, sure that is possible! Go to the Admin area (Dashboard) > Appearance > Editor > take a look at the left bar of the page and you’ll find at the top of that bar header.php. You should decrease the bold number (14). Could you please let me know it if you get it working?

    .post {
    font:14px/1.5em Arial, sans-serif;

    Hi Inkmoda,
    Thank you!

    Hi Noam,
    Soon I’ll be realising Gravel 1.6 which has an option included so you can disable it easily.

    Hoi Cheta,
    Goed om te horen dat je het gelukt is, geniet van je thema!

    Good to hear you got it working, enjoy!

    Hi Ed,
    Thank you! Enjoy Gravel!

  36. That’s brilliant. Thanks so much. :-) x

  37. Hi,
    Please have a look I have installed your theme which I liked very much but my problem is that I can’t find the more button, under post what should I do , I tried enabling and disabling the options but none worked.


  38. Hi Vinod,

    Thanks! I think this is an issue with the bar under every posts that has a link that says “Comments (38)”. I’ll fix this in the next version of Gravel, Gravel 1.7.

    Thanks for reporting it!

    Melle Wynia

  39. Cool theme. I’m using it in my old russian cars website :)

  40. Roberto at 2009.09.1 @ 16:08

    Love your theme Melle. I’ve used it as the tasty scaffolding for a site for a filmmaker friend of mine – thought you’d like to see it.

    If you’ve any ideas on how I could make the body text smaller and in Georgia font, so it matches the navigation bar let me know cos despite extensive tinkering I’m blown if I can work it out!



  41. Hi Timo,

    It’s very interesting to see that you’re using it! Thanks!

    Hi Roberto,

    Well done, you have done a complete remake of the theme! It’s looks very good! Don’t know how much you’ve modified, there is an option where you can set the font to Georgia (Appearance > Gravel Options) and you have to go to header.php to find this line of code, I think you’ll understand from there what to do:

    .post {
    font:14px/1.5em Arial, sans-serif;

    Please let me know it if it’s done.

    Melle Wynia

  42. Hi Melle: I love your theme. I was wondering if there was a simple way to make the tagline/blog description appear under the blog title instead of next to it? I think I can modify the code if necessary. Many thanks.

  43. Hi Tony,

    Thank you!

    What you want is possible. Go to the Admin Area > Appearance > Editor, select header.php at the right sidebar and scroll to the bottom of the document. Search for this piece of code (please take a look at the little bold ” - “:

    < h1 id="header" < ?php if($theme_header_pagesmenu_onoff=="Disable") { ?> class="pagesmenu_off" < ?php } ?> >< a href="< ?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/">< ?php bloginfo('name'); ?>< /a>< ?php if($theme_header_tagline_onoff=="Disable") { } else { ?>< span> - < ?php bloginfo('description'); ?>< /span>< ?php } ?>< /h1>

    Now replace this ” - ” with ” < br/> ” (remove the whitespace between the “<” and “b”!!!!).

    Please let me know it if you get it working!

  44. Ricardo at 2009.09.15 @ 07:16

    Use Gravel 1.6. I’m testing in
    I have a problem:
    When sending a comment:
    “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria. You might want to search?”
    But without: “i – You are searching on “XXX”.”
    Why could this happen?
    I have to change something on the server?
    (Sorry for my English! – based on Google translation…)


  45. Hi Ricardo,

    Thanks! Hmmm, that is a strange problem. I can’t reproduce the problem here. It might be a plugin which conflicts with WordPress. Does the problem also occur when you use another theme?

  46. Ricardo at 2009.09.16 @ 07:59

    Thank you for your response!
    “I can’t reproduce the problem here” Why?
    I’m testing in XP: IE8.0.6001 and Firefox 3.5.3. In Chrome don’t show nothing! (empty page:
    Mmmmm… With “WordPress Classic 1.5″: the same error…
    In link “Recent Comments”: the same error…
    Disable plugins but follows the same error…
    Change Permissions?
    Edit .htaccess?

  47. Hi Ricardo,

    First of all, link of the empty page is a theme file. You can’t view theme files that way or take a look at your blog that way.

    Well, it is very probably caused by the language switch. This makes the links work buggy.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

  48. Hello,

    I’m Lucia and I’m new with wordpress at all…
    I really love Your theme… it’s elegant, simple, clear…
    Just because of my fault, I think I did a wrong “move” that cancelled the Main Pages on the header… How can I restore it as it was at the beginning… I mean I would like to have 5 main pages shown in the header. I did have them but I’m sure that creating some under-pages, I did something wrong… don’t know what, actually! Could You please help me in any way?

    Many thanks!

  49. Hi Lucia,
    As far as I can see, the five main pages are just shown in the header. You set the theme not to display the pages menu at Admin Area > Appearance > Gravel Options and search for the option ‘Pages menu’.

    The thing you’re talking about is making subpages under a page. This triggers somehow a bug in the theme which I’ll solve in the next version of it. Thanks for reporting it!

  50. Hi I love this theme
    But I am having problems when I publish it only part of the writing comes up and the only way to read all of it is to click on the comment tab
    Help :-)

  51. Hi Tracy,

    You can solve this problem easily! Log in > Admin Area > Appearance > Gravel Options > look for the header “General Options” > Disable “Show excerpts” > Solved! This should solve the problem! Enjoy the theme!

  52. Is there any way to put an image in the header? Would be a nice optional upgrade in next release?

    When I try to put image at top of content page, the text doesn’t flow properly.

    I need text (title 2) on left about 3 lines, and image directly to right of text. Tried aligning image to right and text to left. I get 1st line of text to left of image, then large space, then text continues below image. Can only get one line of text to print next to image.

    What am I doing wrong?


  53. Hi Anthony,

    Thank you for your requests. About an image in the header: I’ve been considering integrating this for quite a long time and I’ll probably include it as an option in the next theme.

    Hmmm that issue with aligning the image. It’s a bit hard to explain here. Please email me if you still need help with this!

    Melle Wynia

  54. Hi Melle,

    I really love this theme. Great job! I am not savvy at all with website updates and having to learn this on my own. So please bear with me if my questions seem rather simple or tedious!
    On the home page we have a message that has the mission statement and what we are about. Now under that I want to post a new post but it only posts it above this post that is already there. (Thereafter I would like all posts to be above the previous post and these of course would be dated). The post that is already there should also not have a date as this is the main message of the page and I did not know how to remove that.
    Also I noticed you now have a 1.6 version. Someone had put together the new one for us. I am nervous about upgrading because I do not know what it will all change. Also I notice there is a button to update the new WP version if one so wishes, would you advice that? One last question for now (sorry it has got so long) how do I change the colours of the website to reflect our organizational colours?

    I am so glad I discovered that we can ask you questions and I think it is so gracious of you to answer them. Thank you.

    Sorry if this comes to you a couple time. It seems my computer is acting up.

  55. Hi Caroline,

    Thanks! That is an enormous comment! Well, there we go…!

    If you’d like to have a message on the home page, you could assign the homepage to a page and make a new page called Blog or “News” and assign that page to the blog. Log in > Admin Area > Settings > Reading > and change the “Front page displays” settings.

    You can upgrade Gravel 1.6 and WordPress to the latest version without any problems. Modifications made to the theme itself will be not updated, but you’ll always be able to go back to Gravel 1.5.

    Changing the colours is a bit trickier. That would require quite some work to be done, please email me about it if you need to know more about it.

    I hope this will help you a bit!

  56. HI Melle,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. I really appreciate your help! I would indeed love to know more about changing the colours. You see I can do short comments too!


  57. Danke für das tolle Thema, es ist eine angenehme Vorlage für meine Rezepte Sammlung.



  58. Hi Caroline,

    You’re welcome. Wow, that is indeed a short comment! I’ll answer the email you sent.

    Gutentag zen4bo,

  59. Larry Camp at 2010.02.26 @ 11:42

    Melle, using 1.6. Really like it. Question-Is there a way to use both a left and right sidebar with this theme? My widgets cover up the category box in the right sidebar. Just curious. I like this theme a whole lot, but I may need another sidebar to use it.

    Thanks for your work,

  60. Hi there- I looked and didn’t find the answer to my question- I am having trouble with the RSS feed.. I have my own link- but I cannot find in the editor, where to add my link, so when clicked, it goes to my feed.. can you point me in the right direction? thanks

  61. Hi Larry,
    I see what you mean. Right now, that is not working out of the box. If you need it to be done, feel free to email me about it.

    Hi Danette,
    From what I understand, this is fairly easy to solve issue. Email me for the instructions! It’s a bit hard to explain here.

  62. Hello again, you answered my last question so wonderfully, that I am back for more! lol
    (and first I have to say, I am really diggin’ the theme!)

    Well, today I decided to break up some of my longer pages, into “child” pages. I don’t like the category system, so I just add my own manual “posts” to each page. Anyway, all of the child page titles, showed up on the top nav menu, right along with the parent pages.. kinda cluttered it up a bit, so I just disabled the menu..
    And I did notice my question was posted by someone waaaay above (Teramax
    on 7-29-09) so, wondering if you are closer to an update for this- or if you are even planning one..
    In the meantime, I will search through the code on my main site, and see if I can find something there- you will notice, I have billions of pages, but only the parent pages show up top…
    Thank you again, for the wonderful theme and Great support!

  63. Hi Danette,

    Thank you, thank you! I see your problems! I’m planning on updating Gravel to Gravel 1.7 soon!

  64. Melle

    Thank you for the amount of time you have obviously have placed in this theme.It is greatly app.I was wondering if the left column could be opened up.I would like the extra room . I am a newbie and when it comes to blogs I am completely lost.I also have done something wrong as my posts come up twice.Even if I edit I still get two post back on every page.I have not finished this blog ,but any help would be greatly app.Also can a picture be placed on the header

  65. Hi, awesome theme after a ton of searching. Just one question: The spacing between paragraphs is almost nonexistent. Is there a way to put more space between them?

    Thanks a ton.


  66. I love this theme. Most of what I have looked at appears so cold. Red is my color. I would like, however, to change the font size of my post to something smaller. The post are quite long and the font makes it too large.

  67. Hi,
    Love the theme. Still stumbling thru my newbie blogging experience.
    I just wish I had more time!


  68. @Tim,

    Thanks! I’ve heart earlier that people would like me to add another sidebar on the left, but unfortunately for you and all those others, I’ll not add it. The is one reason for it: it will take up to much screen estate and would probably not improve the experience. It does not meet the philosophy.

    The space between the paragraphs is to little. I’ll improve it. Thanks for the suggestion!

    Thanks. I tried everything too give the theme a warm feeling. Your suggestion about a smaller font size has been noted!

    Thank you too!

  69. I searched through tons of themes, trying some out for a little while, waiting for the one that would be just what I was looking for. Found yours, installed it, and haven’t changed it, or even wanted to. It’s great.
    I do have a question, but not a complaint. Just curious if there was a way to put the tagline at the foot of the post (by the comment link) rather than right under the title. I tried to figure out how to do it looking at the code, but I only know coding semi-well. Is this possible?
    Thanks for a great theme, though.

  70. Sorry, I meant “tags” not “tagline”.

  71. Hi! I am using your theme and I really love it! Thank you so much for creating it! I am trying to customize it and would like to add a photo in the header instead of the RSS button. Can you please tell me how to do this? Thank you so much!

  72. @Sebastian,
    There sure is a way to do that, please email me and I’ll email you the instructions!

    @Kristen Keene,
    Thanks thanks! That would require a customization! Feel free to email me about it!

  73. This is a nice theme. The earth tone colors have a down to earth feel. The design gives an impression of a valued old book. In addition, I love the modern day appeal in the squiggy underlined links. It it very nicely done! Thank You

  74. Tristian Yost at 2013.05.8 @ 18:19

    I really like this look and feel of the site. Just good clean design with an edge! I’ve looked for many templates to satisfy my needs, and this one stuck out above the rest.
    Keep up the good work!

    Thank you!

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